So I Went To WorldCon

That was kind of amazing really. mid











I had a finished book, and another one in the works, but I was still suffering post cancer and I wanted to restart my life as a whole. It was going to need something epic, so I decided it was high time I flew halfway round the world and met some agents, editors and writers.

After a strange conversation with my wife, where she was trying to figure out how to tell me she didn’t want to come with me and I was trying to figure out how to tell her that she might not have much fun at a writing conference the tickets were booked and I found myself at the Kansas City Convention Centre bewildered by the sheer number of people and about to be on the receiving end of some learning.

Lesson one was that it’s well worth being more social than I normally am. After I’d walked around the con for a bit I decided I needed a drink and a moment to sort myself out. There were a whole lot of tables where several hundred people were eating, sleeping, writing and playing Pokemon Go but there were also three small standing tables.

The only people who use standing tables are New Zealanders, Australians and British people.

Seconds after I plonked my bag down by the table and got myself a drink I noticed another man standing at one of the other tables. It was someone I recognized, in fact he was someone I’d spoken to on Twitter quite a bit, but my first instinct was not to bother him…but I’d promised myself I was going to be more social at this thing so I went over and said hi. Ten minutes later I’d met his fiancee and we were all on our way to a panel. They then introduced me to other people, and those people introduced me to still more people.

I made more friends in five days that I have in the last ten years.

I did end up meeting both agents and editors at WorldCon (MidAmericon 2 to be precise), but that’s another post. Far more important than that were the friends I met there, who made me feel like I was part of the wide SFF community for the first time, and who proved to be the best kind of people.

This post doesn’t have all that much of a point, I just wanted to say that I’m happy. I’m writing, and that I’m very, very glad I went. My brain is still pudding from all the travel, but I’m smiling about writing, life, the universe and everything.