New Year, New Wordcount

Welcome to 2017.

Pictured: 2016.

It…uh it looks an awful lot like 2016. Especially in that when I look out at the world I can see that quite a few things are on fire, both literally and figuratively. And I can also say that I’m doing pretty well.

Don’t get me wrong, I am as scared for the future as a pasty faced, middle class straight guy can possibly be. But, with that said, stuff for me has been pretty good. I’m as healthy as I’ve been in the last eighteen months (not a high bar to clear but I’m taking my participation medal and limping home with it). I’m actually writing instead of whining about writing and my day job both pays me money I can use for food and shelter and I actually enjoy doing it.

Not that I don’t occasionally want to hurl my computer out a window but you get that with a lot of jobs.

I actually started on my resolutions a little bit early. Not out of some innate sense of virtue but because I ran out of excuses not to. So thus far the goals of write a thousand words of fiction every day and stop eating like you’re trying to grow another pair of legs’ are going well.

The thousand words is the important one*. Assuming I can keep it, I’ll end the year having written 365,000 words (my high school maths teach would be astounded that I could do that calculation without a calculator or computer). Now, let assume that some of those words are pure hot garbage and I have to delete 65,000 of them…even then I’ve still written enough to fill three decent sized novels and several short stories.

Even if half of them are terrible words I am ashamed to have assembled in spite of good taste and good reason, that’s still two novels worth of half decent, non-shame bearing words.

I’ve seen a lot of 1k per day type plans around, so this is not an original ideas, but my take on The Plan goes something like this (if anyone wants to follow along please be warned that I kind of drift back and forth between first and second person):

  1. Write 1000 words every damn day. Non-fiction blogging, writing for work and social media don’t count. 1000 words of fiction. Every day.
  2. If you miss a day, that day is gone. Your goal is still to write 1000 words per day for every day that remains. No playing catch up (if I allow myself that out I’ll just stop because I’m a terrible human being).
  3. You can write more than 1000 words, but even if you write 5000 words in one day, the next day you still have to write 1000 words of fiction.

That’s it. Three steps. No wriggle room.

I wish i could say I dealt well with subtlety and ambiguity well…and I mostly do in my day to day life, but not when it comes to goal setting/achieving.

Can I do it? Yes.

Will I manage to keep going ’til next year? I have no idea whatsoever. Let’s find out.


What are your New Year’s writing resolutions?


* OK my health is important too in that I have to be alive to write but that’s a different battle**.

** With a remarkably similar solution. In that I have to do some exercise every day. Doesn’t always have to be hard, can just be a stretch and a walk, but some.



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